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Okay, so I'm /actually/ about to write a porn fic to AO3, and I'm interested in knowing what the difference is between the M rating and E rating. Able to enlighten me?


Mature is ‘and then they made love.’ Explicit is ‘and here’s how they did it exactly.’

To wit: mature.

He looked at the envelope, spread out before him.

God, he’d never been this hungry.

Could he be gentle enough? Slow enough? He didn’t want to damage it, didn’t want to do anything he’d regret… but no, no, it seemed the envelope wanted this as much as he did. It slipped into his hands, it folded as he asked. When it was time for more, the card was waiting, and he somehow knew exactly what to do. He moved with his correspondence in a dance as old as the mail system, and when it was over, he was smiling and the envelope was completely, thoroughly sealed.


The envelope waved its flap in the air slowly, gently, and he could see the faint shimmer of the adhesive traced along its fold. It was like a taunt, a dare: won’t you? And he would, oh, God, he would, lifting the envelope firmly to his lips, licking slowly at first, then faster, more firmly, tasting the envelope’s essence, the faint bitterness, the sweetness to follow—

Oh, he couldn’t help but smile at how it felt in his hands. It was so perfectly folded. Its paper was rough against his fingers, and its crossed folds shifted slightly as it opened for his eager tongue. Yes, yes…

Now the card, and his hand trembled as he lifted it, as he held the envelope, stretching it wide. Would it fit? Oh… oh, yes, it would fit, it slid in smooth and quick and filled the envelope to bursting, oh, made for each other, and he smiled in delight at how perfect it was.

He was ready. Now, now, now: with one swift movement he folded the flap over and he pressed, yes, he pressed the flap down and it stuck, God, it stuck perfectly, and he closed his eyes in bliss.

Afterwards, he stroked the envelope, and thought about addresses.

Slaves to Circumstance - Chapter 19 ⇒

The one we’ve all been waiting for, this is really the bulk of the story coming to an end now (but not quite the end), and I really hope it’s as satisfying for everyone as it has been for me. 

Lots of violence as can be expected based on how I ended Chapter 18, and I think my two new tags (badass!Esca and badass!Marcus) sum it up pretty well. 

As always, all my thanks and unending love for reading every week. 

the eagle aka a love story ⇒


starring channing tatum as the dopey roman soldier and jamie bell as his feisty briton slave. channing takes jamie north of hadrian’s wall to get the golden eagle back from the wildlings.


spoilerz forthcoming:

it all starts when channing sees jamie go all ‘fuck this russell crowe gladiator…

Slaves to Circumstance - Chapter 18 ⇒


do you ever notice how addicted you are to a video game and sort of sit there like

oh well another obsession to the list of things


StC New Chapter

Chapter 18 of Slaves to Circumstance will be a little late this week, since I’m going away for a few days and can’t take my laptop with me. I’m back on Saturday though so I should be happy enough with it by then! 



tip: When you’re at an airport, add “?.jpg” at the end of any URL to bypass the expensive WiFi and access the Internet for free.



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i love hannibal ok but it could be considered queerbaiting, not actually a queer show, since there is really nothing actually gay happening (expect if a person can look at it that way) lmao



I hear that argument a lot, and for a while, I too wondered if it was actually queerbaiting. But I came to the conclusion that it wasn’t, and I’ll tell you why.

I don’t personally see it as queerbaiting, but as pure queer subtext (not even gay subtext, I think it’s more complicated than that). Let me start by saying that many films that are considered queer by today’s standards don’t show anything gay happening on screen (Hitchcock’s Rope is a fantastic example of that, so are The Talented Mr. Ripley, Strangers On A Train, Interview With A Vampire, Fried Green Tomatoes, Alexander… the list goes on).

Secondly, the queer subtext in Hannibal is not placed there artificially or as a joke, it’s what moves the plot and drives the characters’ actions. I think a good comparison would be with the way cannibalism is portrayed on the show. Even though we don’t actually see Hannibal killing a person, cutting them up and cooking their organs until season two, the cannibalism is heavily implied. We see him taking a bite out of a piece of meat, and we know the meat is people. We, as viewers, are expected to know about the cannibalism, even though there’s no real “proof”. I believe the same goes for the queer aspect of the show. Even though we will probably never(call me an optimist) see Hannibal kissing Will, that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love him that way (which has been confirmed on the show and by the actors and writers. Several times).

Will Graham, like the viewers, learns who Hannibal really is. He doesn’t need to see Hannibal killing a man with his own eyes to know the truth. Hannibal doesn’t flat out tell Will that he’s a killer, but Will knows he is, and they talk about it without actually admitting to anything. Though, to be fair, admissions have been made, one way or another. How else could you interpret the scene where Hannibal talks about lovers being aware of each other? And don’t get me started on the Achilles and Partoclus reference, that’s not queerbaiting, that is clear queer subtext and I would even argue over just how subtextual it really is, or isn’t as the case may be. Will and Hannibal’s entire relationship is based on subtexts (the cannibalistic murder one, as well as the queer one).

That’s how I see it, anyways. Thank you so much for your input, anon! :) I do hope to see better official queer representation in the show in the future (*chants* Margot! Margot!)

the answer to all of this is yes


Gift for Fluffbutts ! The prompt was “Suicide pact overseers (gen or not)”, I’m sorry if it wasn’t was you imagined :S hope you like it !

I’ll tell you a secret. Something they don’t teach you in your temple.